Anyone want a Cray

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Tue Feb 17 19:16:13 1998

Sam Ismail <> wrote:
> The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories (across the street from my
> neighborhood) auctioned off their Cray in 1993 and it was sold for $10,000
> to some oaf who said he could get lots of gold out of it and was thus very
> excited (there was a newspaper article about it). I was incensed, but oh
> well. I expect there will be similarly high bidding by the scrappers on
> this poor guy as well.

Hmm, Tony Cole? Seems he has put one on display at The Computer
Museum's History Center and is selling bits and pieces of others,
encased in Lucite as geek memorabilia. There was a story about this in
the San Jose Mercury a while back, which probably means that it's up
on their web site, hmm....

-Frank McConnell
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