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Date: Wed Feb 18 00:02:55 1998

On Tue, 17 Feb 1998, Uncle Roger wrote:

> And as the 10-year mark gets further into the dregs of pc-sameness,
> portables still offer a wealth of individuality.
> Some more recent portables of note:
> Atari Portfolio (1989)
> Fujistu Poquet (1989)
> Gateway Handbook (?)
> Dauphin DTR1
> Various GRiD's and GRiDPads
> NCR Pen computers
> Dolch Lunchboxes
> Various ruggedized laptops

Does anyone own, or has anyone at least seen, a Go Penpoint computer? I'd
love to have one.

If you haven't read the book _Startup_ by Jerry Kaplan then you might want
to. It is a great story about the Go! Corporation, innovators of
pen-based computing. It has many excellent insights into the hi-tech
business world and is overall a great read.

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