Anyone want a Cray

From: Charles E. Fox <>
Date: Wed Feb 18 05:38:11 1998

At 08:56 PM 2/17/98 -0500, you wrote:
>> Well, I personally doubt anyone will actually pay that amount since you
>> could get similar computing power from a contemporary PC for a fraction of
>> that price
>Umm, really...
>Even a low end EL would waste a hotshot PeeCee in a real world number
>crunch contest. A Pentium II (or Alpha, or UltraSPARC II) just can not
>keep up a good, sustained vector flow like a Cray. Getting a decent 100
>Mflops is very hard to do on a desktop system today, but not for a ca.
>1976 Cray-1. If this Cray for sale is a decent Y/MP type, it could
>probably sustain many hundreds of Mflops, perhaps into a Gflop.
>And then there is the issue of the memory bandwidth...

        Seems to me I recall reading a bit of folklore where someone at Apple told
Cray that they had used their new Cray to help design their new Apple and
Cray replied that they had used an Apple to help design the Cray.


                                                        Charlie Fox

PS... Sam, did you get your copy of the videotape?
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