TRS-80 Model II

From: Charles A. Davis <>
Date: Wed Feb 18 11:10:56 1998

Cord Coslor wrote:
> Wow, I actually got my name specifically mentioned in a question
> post.... yipppeeee! Anyway, Larry there could be several things you
> could try. First, your DOS disk may not be readable anymore... that
> often happens these days on those classics. Second, alignment of the
> boot disk drive may be out. Have you been able to get 'anything' to come
> up on the screen? Any errors or anything.
> Give me another reply, and let me know in more detail what you have
> going on. If nothing else, I can get you a known good 8" floppy boot
> diskf or the little bigger, and we'll give that a try.
> Good luck, and get back to me,
> Lawrence Walker wrote:


> > When I boot up with or without an OS disk I get a "boot error ht'
> > msg. The dd spins up and sounds like its loading. Could it have been
> > set up to boot off one of the hard drives ? I'm really a novice with
> > TRS-80s but have Coco 1 and 2 in my collection and a Scriptsit cart.
> > Is there something I'm not doing ?
> >
> > ciao larry
> >

Hi Larry & Cord:

When first reading Larry's question, there wwas something in the back of
my mind about "If the thing was supposed to boot from the hard disk --
you needed to hold down the CTRL (or maybe ALT) key to get it to read
from the floppy?

This stuff of 'automaticly' checking the floppy drive, iss 'new fangled
software stuff'.


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