Subject: Re: Apple //gs boot problem

From: Richard A. Cini <>
Date: Wed Feb 18 17:24:39 1998

On Tue, 17 Feb 1998 12:53:07 +0100 (BST), Phil Beesley
<> wrote:

>>You say that the drive came from a Mac SE. Did you low level format
>>or re-partition the disk on the IIGS before installing GS/OS?

>>I share a drive between a IIGS and a couple of Macs, so the drive
>>has a ProDos partition and a couple of HFS ones too. Often the IIGS
>>barfs on startup when it comes across the APPLE_DRIVER43 partition
>>map; I find that a Command-Control-Reset sorts this out and the IIGS
>>boots normally.

 First, I know that this may sound silly, but where is the RESET key on the
GS? My system came with what looks to be a Mac ADB keyboard. Is the RESET
key the power key along the top, above the number keys?

 Back to the drive. I initialized the drive from within the GS/OS Finder
(using the Disk | Initialize menu item). I did not specifically partition
the disk, though. If you use the Apple Disk utility (that's probably not the
exact name) that comes on the GS/OS disks, it shows no partitions, although
it identifies the drive as ProDos.

 How exactly should I take to get this to work properly? I'm obviously
missing a step somewhere.

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