Commodore Ramblings

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Feb 19 00:07:10 1998

>Well, I always knew the 1541 drive sucked egregiously, speed wise. I
>mean, it was as bad as a cassette player...what was the point? Until fast

Not even close. Trust me, I got my Vic 20 in 1981, and used it with a
cassette recorder until 1986. It took almost 5 minutes to load a 8k
program using the cassette! I'd have killed for a 1541 back then. I knew
people with the C64 and 1541, and boy was I envious at how fast they could
load stuff, and how much RAM they had to play with.

>> (note, 1525 uses THIN paper not 9 1/2" form feed, a misunderstanding in
>> the design specs, they thought 8 1/2" wide WITH the carrier.)
>Ok, now that is just plain lame. Who the hell designs a printer and
>forgets about the tractor feed bands?

Ever see the 'Plotter' they had? The paper was a roll like is used in cash
registers, and it had 4 miniature ball point pens. Now that was a lame


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