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From: RICCARDO <chemif_at_mbox.queen.it>
Date: Thu Feb 19 07:17:15 1998

At 08:24 18/02/98 +1100, you wrote:
>Just curious if I should really keep this rather well designed computer
>Its an "Olivetti M24 Personal Computer".
Yes, the design was "original" (=completely different) for a X86-flavour
based machine;specially inside where the layout is spread on three
boards:CPU, VIDEO, 8 bit ISA.(have you openened it yet?)

Do you have the original keyboard also?

> I'd never seen an Olivetti before, which is why I saved it from the scap
heap. Now is >it scarce or nice enough to attempt to get running?

It depends on what you are looking for?
As "collectible" can be interesting because of its early solutions on
monitor power supply (1 plug with signal and DC-PS toghether) and its design.

Otherwise is another obsolete PC as many other of that age.


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