Found a decent use for a PC...

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <>
Date: Thu Feb 19 08:07:13 1998

This is downright bad... :)
Today is class pictures. A few days ago, my parents (Remeber that thread?)
decided they wanted, of all things, a computer. My stepdad decided to see for
himself what was available online, rather than just listen to the TV.
(I think it's because he figured out he can automate a lot of his business
[Running a motorcycle shop] on it...) Anyway, they got a nice Pentium, with
a color printer and a scanner, and so they asked me to edit a few images
for them. So, we scan in his 2 grandsons, and a volkswagen bug, and combined
the 2 - they were dazzled. A few more interesting tricks - aged a picture
of them in front of an old car, etc. Anyway, they like the picture of the
volkswagen so much, they bought T-shirt transfer papers to print on. So, I
did that... I also got some time to play with said paper myself last night...
Remeber when I said today was class pictures? I'll be the one in the
decsystem-10 shirt... :)

I conjured up a T-shirt for myself! It has the decsystem-10 logo, stolen
from the front of a TOPS-10 user manual, and underneath that is says
"If it's not 36 bits, you're not playing a full DEC."
(I know there should be a with in there, but there was no room on the xfer sheet)
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