Subject: Re: Apple //gs boot problem

From: Phil Beesley <>
Date: Thu Feb 19 10:58:47 1998

On 18 Feb 98 at 18:24, Richard A. Cini wrote:

> First, I know that this may sound silly, but where is the RESET key on the
> GS? My system came with what looks to be a Mac ADB keyboard. Is the RESET
> key the power key along the top, above the number keys?

Lots but not all Apple ADB keyboards work with the IIGS; if a
keyboard works, the Reset key will be the one somehwere at the top
of the board with the left pointing arrow icon. Anyway, it's the same
one that you'd use to start up a Mac with soft-power on.

> Back to the drive. I initialized the drive from within the GS/OS Finder
> (using the Disk | Initialize menu item). I did not specifically partition
> the disk, though. If you use the Apple Disk utility (that's probably not the
> exact name) that comes on the GS/OS disks, it shows no partitions, although
> it identifies the drive as ProDos.
> How exactly should I take to get this to work properly? I'm obviously
> missing a step somewhere.

I think that you need to do a low level format on the IIGS to remove
any hidden Macintosh partitioning data from the disk. You should be
able to use this using the utilities on the GS/OS 6.0.1 installation
disks. Formatting from the GS/OS Finder may not be sufficient.


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