Subject: Re: I got an Apple ProFile hard drive.

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Date: Thu Feb 19 08:03:56 1998

> Filing the graphite slug on the ground worked like a charm. Thanks!
> Also looking at the drive, it seems that the drive has an Apple-custom
> logic board. There's probably no chance that the interface to the internal
> controller card is standard. Bummer.

Oiling or adding graphite dust to this is not good idea that oil gums
up and flung away, graphite dust might play hooky with your hard
drive. Some guys says to add something on top of grounding strap to
dampen but I disagree with this also.

Filing that slug flat is best. The best designs I have seen so far
is Seagate's conductive plastic slug with a flat grounding strap, it
heardly wears out. Or ball and plain flat ground strap but there
will be bit of wear.

BTW, thanks for your comments!

Jason D.

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