From: Captain Napalm <spc_at_armigeron.com>
Date: Thu Feb 19 17:54:56 1998

It was thus said that the Great R. Stricklin once stated:
> On Thu, 19 Feb 1998, Captain Napalm wrote:
> > I don't recall what they were, but that's okay. Several months ago I
> > managed to pick up two HP Apollos (3xx series) for free. All I'm doing now
> > is waiting on the OS (which a friend has, he just has to break root 8-)
> Then you're going to be waiting a -loong- time. There is no real way to
> break root on DomainOS. If you haven't got media, you're basically just
> screwed.

  Well, we have the media.

  The situation is this: I have to HP Apollo 3xx (340 if I recall, I can
check when I get home). Each unit has two drives, each approximately 400M,
but each drive was wiped before being given out (_at_#@#$@#%!@## software
licensing). I did check one of the BSDs [1] and it did support the HP
Apollos but not my particular model (well, if I pull some code from this
version, and some code from that version, the model I have is covered). I
know that Linux has been ported to the 68k, but I would have to get
programming specs on the HP Apollo 3xx I have. Well, I'd like to get them
anyway for my own work in OS design (but that's beyond the scope of this
group). I haven't bothered to check HP yet (hmmmm, maybe I can check their
site) for fear I'll have to pay for the information (like I did for the uVAX
2000 I have).

  Anyway, to get back on track. My friend (who also picked one up) knows
some people where he works that have the media for DomainOS that doesn't
require a network to boot, but the root password has been lost (for what
it's worth, it is on a disk).

  My friend has been rather busy at work though so he hasn't had time to
play around with it.

> Besides, the only HP machines (proper) to run DomainOS were the 4xx
> series machines. The 3xx machines ran something else. HP-UX, probably.
> There were the Apollo DSP and DN series machines, and the HP/Apollo 4xxx
> machines. These were, IIRC, the only machines to run DomainOS (formerly
> called AEGIS).

  Oh. Rats.

  -spc (Might be having more fun that he bargined for 8-/

[1] Open|Net|Free. Don't recall which I checked.
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