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Date: Thu Feb 19 19:12:33 1998

At 06:47 PM 2/19/98 -0500, Cap'n Naplam wrote:
>It was thus said that the Great Joe once stated:
>> At 05:06 PM 2/19/98 -0500, the Cap'n wrote:
>> >It was thus said that the Great Joe once stated:
>> >>
>> >> What kind of HP were you looking for? Sounds like HP 9000s. I have
>> >> several 9000 200s and a 310.
>> >
>> > I don't recall what they were, but that's okay. Several months ago I
>> >managed to pick up two HP Apollos (3xx series) for free.
>> NICE find! How did you manage that? I almost never get anything free,
>> cheap sometimes but not free.
> Florida Atlantic University (aforementioned site of the auction with The
>Bastards) had about two dozen HP Apollo 300s that no one wanted (of course,
>being non-Wintel or Sun boxes) so someone decided it might be better to give
>them away to students than to throw them away.
   Nice. My school ( U Can't Finish ) would never do anything like that
for the students. Are you still in Florida? I'm in Orlando.

> Being a student, I followed the directions given (write a letter, saying
>I'm a student, it'll further my education, yada yada yada) and I end up with
>two HP Apollo 300s, each with 32M RAM, nearly 1G drive space, 6M color video
>card, keyboard and mouse. I only got one color monitor (there were a very
>limiited number of those) but that's okay.
> What's sad is that out of a student body of 15,000+, only three students
>(two undergrad (me and my friend) and one masters out of Mechanical
>Engineering) actually had the ability to use the machines. The other
>students that showed up kept asking if they could run Windows on it (arg!).
>> > All I'm doing now
>> >is waiting on the OS (which a friend has, he just has to break root 8-)

   Sounds like you may have to eraese it and load something else.

>> I know someone that is desperately looking for a 300 series to buy.
>> He's not a collector he uses one and it died, so he's probably willing to
>> pay a fair price for it. I don't think he needs anything except the CPU.
>> If you're interested let me know and I'll get you his E-address.
> Sorry, no can do. Part of the condition of getting the HPs was I don't
>sell it (not that I plan on anyway 8-)

   No sweat. How long do you have to keep it for?
>> > -spc (DomainOS, so if anyone has any ideas ... )
>> >
>> What is DomainOS ? I've never heard of it.
> It's a Unix-like OS from Apollo (before they were bought out by HP) that
>has some very nice features. Unfortunately, most installations assume a
>network and it's rather hard to boot without one.
> -spc (And it has blinken lights!)


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