LCD life

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Feb 19 22:48:32 1998

I have no idea what drive they used since mine didn't have a hard drive.
There is a place here in Orlando called Lap Tops Plus. I've been told that
they're very good with the MultiSpeeds. You might call them and see what
they can tell you. I think they have an 800 number.

   I do have books for the MultiSpeed but they're on their way to Roger.
Let me know if you want to borrow them and I'll have him send them to you
when he's finished with them.


At 08:25 PM 2/19/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Yes, I checked. It is a multispeed. One of these days, when I have some
>time (rofl) I'll take it apart and see if I can figure out what's wrong
>with the HDD, which reports a 1701. One hopes these used a standard HDD?
>> Is that Nec a MultiSpeed? I have an older model without the backlight
>> and no hard drive.
>> Joe
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