Zenith Z-433+ Memory problem

From: jpero_at_cgo.wave.ca <(jpero_at_cgo.wave.ca)>
Date: Thu Feb 19 18:07:19 1998

> To whom it may concern:
> I have a Zenith Z-433+ and recently upgraded memory to 16MB. I am currently getting an error when I boot which says 'memory not configured correctly'.
> How do I get to CMOS (setup)?
> How do I correct error in CMOS?
> Thank-you in advance>
> Phil Logan
> plogan_at_scsn.net
First, Please no fancy email as it popped as web email, I chose it as
plain text instead.

Secondly, to reconfigure CMOS for added memory, do Ctrl+Alt+Ins at
power up then type 'setup' then choose the memory by highlighting
block with your direction key and adjust it to match.

Might that helps! By the way, this email list is strictly for older
machines at least 10 years or more, and not supported stuff.

Jason D.
email: jpero_at_cgo.wave.ca
Pero, Jason D.
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