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Date: Thu Feb 19 19:29:39 1998

> On Fri, 20 Feb 1998 jpero_at_cgo.wave.ca wrote:
> > All PS/2 starts with 85aa-yyy,
> Not all of them. One of my favorite odd-ball computers is the IBM PS/2e
> (9533). It's a very small low-power desktop model with 4 PCMCIA slots.
> One of mine even has an external flat panel VGA display. Because of the
> low power consumption, I use one as my home LAN internet gateway.
> BTW, does anybody have an extra floppy and cable for one of these things?
> It uses a notebook floppy drive and a notebook-like cable (mylar?).
> -- Doug
I did not say so, and it does not come in by it's own but anyway
that came out so I will add;

I was talking about 85xx models, those are first phase IBM introduced
and few others. The 95xx is considered late models and strictly sold
to commerical use so very rarely seen in common use due to price.
But the latest MCA based machine is currently in production are 700
series these days. Real reliable machine days in and out without
breaking down with SUPERB support contact paid by boatloads of $ by
business who can't afford to lose business for some reasons.

About the floppy part, why not the LS120 with PCMCIA card combo?
This way, you have 1.44mb, and 120mb disk and kill both three birds
at once! :)

 Jason D.
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