Info on Datanumerics

From: Marty <>
Date: Fri Feb 20 09:48:16 1998

 I've never heard of a Datanumerics DL8A but judging from the
 description would jump on it. Sounds intriquing to me. Ask the seller
 what price would make them happy. You might be pleasantly surprised.
 On several occasions when I have asked this question I've been given
 the equipment free or at a nominal cost. Anyway, it sounds too worthy
 to be passed up. If you don't want it I certainly do.
 Marty Mintzell

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Subject: Info on Datanumerics
Author: at internet
Date: 2/20/98 9:17 AM

 I've been offered the following
 Datanumerics DL8A. It is 8080 based,
 comes in a 19" rack mount case, has 4k 600ns ram, 1 current loop (I
 think) port, and obviously a full front panel.
 I'm curious if anyone can provide any more information about this machine.
 Obviously its an early one, but I couldn't find any mention of it on the
 'web. Any suggestions as to scarcity and fair price would be welcome, too.
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