Modern Minimalism (Was: Future Computing Trends)

From: Yowza! <>
Date: Fri Feb 20 17:54:54 1998

On Fri, 20 Feb 1998, John Higginbotham wrote:

> QNX is a very small micro-kernel OS that has the look of Windows 95, has
> builtin TCP/IP networking, a notepad, a few other little doodads, and to
> top it off, a fully functional HTML 3.2 compliant web browser. Also
> supports graphics modes up to 1024x768 in millions of colors.

I think the QNX window manager has a Motif look+feel which Win95
borrowed. GeoWorks GEOS also has a Motif l+f, but it will run quite
nicely on an 8088 with 640K RAM.

Of course, everything that is not Windows suffers from a lack of
applications, but with QNX your choices would be *very* limited.

I think Linux is the best choice to enable latter day retrocomputing.
Check out the ELKS project to put Linux on machines with very limited

I find it somewhat ironic that the latest thing is the "network computer"
and inexpensive "thin clients." All you need to do is pull the 386 box
out of your attic, install Linux, and stick an "NC" sticker on it.

-- Doug
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