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From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Sat Feb 21 12:02:01 1998

FYI I've been looking for extra gears and their part number. I haven't
found them yet but I did find the the printer, power supply, cables and
extra pens that I bought.

    The extra pens came from Electronics Goldmine or Goldmine Electronics,
I don't remember which and I can't find their catalog at the moment.
Anyway, the part number for them is G 7886.

   I'll keep looking for the other info.


At 06:40 PM 2/20/98 +0000, you wrote:
>> I had the same problem with one of mine. I took it to a Radio Shack
>> service center and tried to order one. They said they wouldn't sell me the
>> part unless their technicians checked the printer first. I asked if there
>This is going to be a YMMV story, but at one time I had almost
>exclsuively Tandy (Radio Shack) computers (Model 1 + EI + 1 drive, CoCo
>2, Model 3, and I even had a CoCo3 shipped to me from the States) simply
>because of the ease of getting parts and manuals for them.
>AFAIK the service manual for any Tandy computer or peripheral was
>available to anybody who would buy it. I certainly never had problems
>ordering them either from the UK National Parts Centre (going through the
>local Tandy store) or from National Parts in the States.
>Ditto spare parts. I would just walk into the local Tandy store with the
>manual, point to the part in the list, they'd note down the part number
>and description and it would arrive in either a week (if it was in stock
>in the UK) or a lot longer (:-() if it had to be ordered from the States.
>Maybe I went to particularly helpful stores, but I never had to 'have it
>checked' by a Tandy technician.
>Getting back to the subject, I never ordered the CGP115 manual, alas. The
>Commodore 1520 manual contains the mechanism exploded views (and a
>schematic and not much else...) with part numbers, but as I said, the
>gear in question wasn't listed as a separate part.
>And since the CGP115 is now over 14 years old (I got mine when I was in
>the equivalent of high school...), I doubt very much if Tandy still keep
>parts for them.
>> Joe
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