Switch broken, help?

From: William Donzelli <william_at_ans.net>
Date: Sat Feb 21 19:21:25 1998

While packing up two minis in racks today, I noticed that one of the
switches on my PDP-8/S is broken. It appears that the little bits of
plastic on the handle that snaps into the metal (trunnions?) have snapped
off. I think I can repair it, but in case I can not, does anyone have a
white DEC switch, as found on PDP-8/Ss? It looks to be the same shape as
those found on PDP-8/Es.

The other mini, an Interdata 14, needs lots of the caps for the
incandescants, but finding any of those would be pure fantasy.

Anyway, thank you.

William Donzelli
Received on Sat Feb 21 1998 - 19:21:25 GMT

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