Modern Minimalism (Was: Future Computing Trends)

From: John Foust <>
Date: Sat Feb 21 20:33:43 1998

Roger Ivie <> wrote:
>On the other hand, CP/M-68K is available from
>A lot of it is written in C; with some work, it can be modernized and
>updated. What could be more retro than building the ability to port
>CP/M to anything with a C compiler?

Darn, I had this idea, too. I was going to port it to the Palm Pilot.
I looked at the code, and discovered a few things that the owner of
that page (Tim Olmstead) hadn't found.

I think CP/M-68K was cross-compiled under Alcyon C on a VAX 11/780.
(Alcyon also produced an OS called Regulus that was available
for Smoke Signal Broadcasting's 68000 systems.)

The source contains the name "Tom Saulpaugh", and a web search
turned up a book "The JavaOS? Design and Architecture" he wrote.
He's at Sun as the architect of JavaOS for Network Computers.
Tom Mason also works at Sun, and he worked at DRI on CPM-86,
Concurrent CPM-86, and CP/M-86+.

Novell appears willing to release source, but Tim suspects that
there's no one around willing to discover or document what's
available - if anything. For example, the source to CBASIC
should be around, but they haven't released it.

- John
Jefferson Computer Museum <>
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