Things are getting bad

From: Christopher Denham <>
Date: Sun Feb 22 19:52:19 1998

On Mon, 23 Feb 1998 00:30:41 +0000 (GMT), you wrote:

>> Things are getting bad i just come back from a Radio Rally ( Ham fest
>> to you lot across the pond ) 4 Hours walking around and did not pick
>Yes, there wasn't that much (computer-related) of interest at the C&DARC
>rally last weekend, alas. I did get some radio stuff, strange test units,
>and a lot of service manuals, though.
>Apart from the Daybreak which I bought, there was a battered Dragon 32
>(but I have a pile of CoCos...), a Spectrum, a couple of BBCs, and a lot
>of modern-ish (386, 486) PC-clone parts. Oh, and some PS/2's, which I've
>decided against collecting... Not even any interesting PC add-on cards.
>> Boot sale I came back with a Van load off old computers . Lets hope
>> the traders don't get to know old computers are getting rare and put
>> the prices up .
>In my case, I think it's more that I already have most of the machines on
Yes I suppose your rite but I don't seem to be passing them by a few
years ago every other stall had a spectrum or commi 64.
> A few years ago I'd have been looking for a BBC micro - now I
>have 7 of them (!).
Same here always get 6 or 7 of the same just incase you need them Hi .
> Ditto for most other home computers. So i'm tending
>to ignore a number of machines that I would once have grabbed.
>Let's hope something interesting appears soon... You never know what may
>turn up next.
>> =20
>> Chris=20
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