RQDX3 problem?

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_ix.netcom.com>
Date: Sun Feb 22 21:24:52 1998

Is it possible for a RQDX3 to be bad, and trash a RD53 (Yes, I know what
terrible drives they are) to the extent they can't be formated in a VS2000?

I'm still trying to get my VAXstation II/RC up and running, and I was
trying to load it with a questionable tape today. I booted with a
standalone backup tape and started reloading. I then proceeded to get a
parity error, which I told it to ignore. It sat around for a couple of
hours not doing much of anything, so I halted the system and unloaded the

Then later on today I went to load it from a known good system tape, only
this time standalone backup wouldn't see the disk. Thinking the drive
needed reformated I pulled it out, and put it in my VS2000, and when I go
to format it I get the following.

>>> t 70

                KA410-A RDRXfmt

VSfmt_QUE_unitno (0-2) ? 0

VSfmt_STS_Siz .??

VSfmt_RES_ERR #2
 84 FAIL

I had formated this same drive in this same system early last week with no
problem. I just hadn't had time until today to try loading it. This is
the second Hard Drive that has quite working and I've been unable to format
after placing it in this system. I have yet to actually get the system to
work with a Hard Drive (although the standalone backup recognized the one
earlier today).

So my question is, am I just having very bad luck or is the controller my


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