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From: Philip.Belben_at_powertech.co.uk <(Philip.Belben_at_powertech.co.uk)>
Date: Mon Feb 23 10:30:42 1998

William Donzelli quoted me as having written:

>> All 3090 models are indeed water machines. The 3090 was IBM's large
>> mainframe of the late 1980s.
> Are you sure that there were not a few air cooled models towards the end?
> I have an air-TCM from, I believe, a late 3090. I paid two bucks for it.
> In hindsight, I should have purchased all of them in the chassis (25 or
> 16, I do not remember offhand.

OK. To be strictly accurate, all 3090 models of which I am aware are
water cooled machines. I was a student when I worked at IBM - a year
before going to university, and two summer vacations - after which I
somewhat lost touch with them. My last job with IBM was in 1988, and
not at the marketing location where I had worked before, but in a
factory building cash dispensers. My last real knowledge of IBM was
from 1987, then.

>> involved!) to replace the strange 400Hz thingies. And a little circuit
>> to provide a 400Hz heartbeat if the machine uses this at all...
> This is probably the best solution.
> It probably does monitor the 400 Hz, and machine check if it goes away.
> Remember, these machine monitor EVERYTHING (like the earthquake sensor in
> some of them - give them a good kick and they will report a seismic
> check).

Ouch! But you may get away with providing a fake "ac good" signal,
rather than ac for it to monitor.

> The "Mill" was chopped up into smaller rooms - our room just happens not
> to have mice power, but the one next door does.

Strange - I shouldn't have thought it took much to power a mouse :-)

Still, this means you shouldn't have much difficulty with the upgrade.

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