KNOXM5 RSTS Rides Again!

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <>
Date: Mon Feb 23 12:32:07 1998

There is no identifiers on the board. It doesn look like a DEC job though.

DH11! I have one of those! It's in a bizarre 9-slot backplane!
So, I set this tningie and the DZ11 in a backplane together, and
I have 16 ports? It DH looks fairly bizarre, it has all sorta funny
half-height boards and other bizarrities. But a single-user timesharing
installation is a contradiction in terms :)

Tape drive was OEM. So was the card. I think Caterpillar made both.
The card emulates a TM: drive, the drive is a standard Pertec-unformatted
interface with a NRZI/PE switch on it.
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