front panels

From: Jack Peacock <>
Date: Mon Feb 23 17:53:05 1998

Kai Kaltenbach wrote:
>Other front panels... hmm.
>The Ithaca InterSystems DPS-1 had one.
I still have a DPS-1 in (mostly) good shape. Unlike the IMSAI flat toggle
switches it had the triangular ones like DEC PDP-15s. Personally I
preferred the IMSAI ones (memories of bloody fingers after toggling in a
long binary on an Altair front panel with it's knife edged switches). The
DPS-1 works but the motherboard connectors are shot...I got it from a
plating/foundry company, covered with crud from the sufuric acid vats next
to it. Now if anyone has a nice new pristine Morrow 20 slot motherboard to
replace the "etched" one...

The other nice feature of the DPS-1 was an o-scope trigger mode on the front
panel, sort of a poor man's one channel logic analyzer. If I remember
correctly, it also knew something about 24-bit addresses.
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