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From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Mon Feb 23 19:58:30 1998

On Mon, 23 Feb 1998, James Willing wrote:

> > Yes, the Byte-8 had a front panel with, I believe, a hex keypad and a two
> > digit 7-segment LED display.
> Buzzzzz! Incorrect answer. The front panel on the Byte-8 (I see that I
> need to get some more docs scanned) was toggle switches and LEDs.
> The problem with this however was that they crammed it all into a space of
> apx. 4" x 6". (toggle switches on about 1/2" spacing)

Duh. I must've been thinking of something totally different.

> If you thought that toggling something into an original Altair was bad
> (and led rapidly to sore fingers), this critter would convince your that
> the Altair was the best thing to ever happen!

I met the guy who designed the front panel for the Byte-8. He lives about
an hour east of me. He sold me the last of his classics (IMSAI, Sol 20,
Vector 1...) He's a real good guy. Next time I talk to him I'll tease
him about the front panel.

> BTW: The Heath H-8 came standard with a hex keypad and 7 segment
> displays, but (bonus question) who offered an "upgrade" front panel for
> S-100 boxes that provided the same? (and made their own units for a time)

Hmmm, ok. I got the two pictures of a Byte-8 and H-8 (or perhaps the
names?) crossed in my mind. That explains it. ;)

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