Altair price check

From: Jeff Kaneko <>
Date: Mon Feb 23 17:13:11 1998

Boy, ain't that the truth! Sometimes pricing is not so subjective
as it is absurd! I saw an ATARI 1200XL at a thrift for $49.95,
sitting next to a fully functional WY-50 (my favourite terminal, BTW)
for $9.95, complete with keyboard (miraculously).

Guess which one I pounced on?


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> This goes back to the old's only worth what someone will pay.
> If you stuck the rarest stamp in the world with documentation and proof of
> authenticity in front of someone who didn't even know what a stamp was, to
> them its just a little scrap of paper. Pricing, no matter who determines
> it, is always subjective.
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