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From: Joe Thiemann <jthiemann_at_castleton.com>
Date: Tue Feb 24 11:04:06 1998


  I just joined the list. While I don't have any specific questions
_at_this_point_ :-) I have quite considerable experience with
electronics and am willing to help out where I can (time permitting)...
Of course I am always interested in software for my collection.

A quick list:
        ZX81 with "real" keyboard, and of course 16k pack
        TRS-80 model 1
        Vic 20
        SuperPET with 4040 drive
        Rainbow with 10Meg drive
        Northstar Advantage
        Bits'n'pieces of 2 PDP-11's (-23 and -73(?))- enough to have one
working in debugger mode
                - no drives or anything
        MicroVax II with periphials, had it running Ultrix and NetBSD
        HP 75D and a few old HP calculators
        128k Mac and Mac Plus

The next two are my everyday use computers. Dubious if they count as

        Amiga 3000 (AmigaOS 2.04, and NetBSD until the HD with the root
partition went south...)
        SparcStation 1+ running NetBSD

(NOTE: those are my home computers. Needless to say here at work I use
the usual unspeakable... though occasionally I do reboot my computer
into FreeBSD - but then I can't receive mail from the $%#& exchange

I am hoping to aquire a (brand unknown) S100 Z80 box in the next few

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