Can anyone identify this item ? (BASF HD?)

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Tue Feb 24 20:34:01 1998

Don Maslin wrote:

> I'm trying to remember - was not the LNW a COCO clone?

Not at all. Long before the PC was cloned, even before the Franklin
Ace, there were clones of the TRS-80 Model One. LNW started out by
making a substitute for the Radio Shack Expansion Interface, then
they followed it up with a substitute for the CPU. These units were
available as kits, unlike the Tandy products. As I recall, NEWDOS
was originally created for the LNW, as LDOS was first for the Lobo
Max-80. The PMC-80 (AKA Video Genie among other things) ran fine if
you bought either of those or a copy of TRSDOS. The early PMC-80
was cute in that you could boot from either BASIC or Electric Pencil
in ROM.

The Color Computer clone was the Dragon, best known in the UK. It
has the advantage over the original of having a parallel port --
necessary for attaching a Windows machine as a hard disk interface
under OS-9. I've decided I want a Dragon to add to my three
generations of Color Computers ever since I discovered that last.
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