North Star Horizon

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Tue Feb 24 20:58:31 1998

< I think it uses the S-100 bus. According to their manual, North Star
<used the same disk controller in the Horizon that they sold for the S-10
<systems. I have a NS S-100 controller. They are the same electricaly and
<software wise but maybe physically different.

They are the same or close cousins and both S100. NS* prior to advantage
was nothing but an S100 house.

The first one sold (still have mine) was MDC-A a single density unit that
cound address up to three single sided drives.

The later MDS-A was a Double density controller for up to four twosided

Both were S100, the same form factor and had on board boot proms
nominally at the same standard address. The latter DD version would
read and write SD media as well.

Now as to formats and non NS* controllers. NONE of the FDC chips can
read the NS* format but a controller that could is easily built for most
any bus or cpu capable of reading data at the required rate and doing
the housework inbetween.

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