Vector Graghics

From: Francois <>
Date: Tue Feb 24 21:53:49 1998

Well actually the Vector 4 (accoding to the doc) has both a Z80B and a
8088-2, they can be individually selected through the use of port 0cH and
port 0dH. They are both clocked at 5.1 MHz.
And yes the Floppies are hard sectored (16) for a total capacity of 630 KB.
They can also be eqiped with a 5MB HD
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>Yes it was. One of my s100 boxen is a Vector MX (s100 crate only none of
>the original boards). The MX was z80 powered byt the Vector 4 may
>have been 8088(cpm-86 V1).
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