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Date: Wed Feb 25 11:18:18 1998

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> Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll try them. I bought the 7300 at a
>trift store so I don't have any of the disks or documentation or know any
>of the account names. I expect a rescue disk may be required. hint! hint!

Ok, just send me your mailing address and I'll send you a copy. It's
really two disks, one with the same kernel version as you have (3.51)
and on with a stand-alone floppy file system with just a few programs
also from a 3.51 system. You boot off the one and then it will ask
for you to insert the root file system. Once you insert that disk and
hit return, you'll get a single user root prompt after a few seconds.
Then you can mount the hard drive:
/etc/mount /dev/fp002 /mnt
and edit the password file:
ed /mnt/etc/passwd
Once you're done, unmount the hard drive:
/etc/umount /dev/fp002
and you can reboot.

> Thanks for the URL of your webpage I certainly check it out.

Hope it's useful.

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