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From: Jeff Kaneko <>
Date: Wed Feb 25 12:11:11 1998

> > >I wonder what the market would be for an Apple I replica?
> >
> > Depends on how precise you wanted to be. As I've found out in checking
> > into parts for a person that has one with a slight malfunction, there are
> > parts of pure 'unobtainium' used in the Apple I. A replication would
> > probably require some redesign around the impacted parts.
> Which parts are you looking for? Certainly, many of the parts (especially
> those dynamic shift registers used in the video section) aren't easily
> bought. But the last time I needed those for an Apple I repair they
> were readily available in some old video terminals from the same era.
> Dynamic shift registers are a technology that certainly has disappeared.
> I certainly do appreciate Larry Niven's analogy of trying to use a 747
> to rescue the crew and passengers of the Titanic :-)
> Tim. (

But, there are places that specialize in 'unobtainium'. I called
D.R. Components in FLA, for example, and they tracked down some
*very* old Motorola character generator chips.

I couldn't afford them, but there they were . . . .

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