Northstar Horizon

From: Jason Brady <>
Date: Wed Feb 25 16:02:25 1998

Hi Marty,

I have one of the double-density models and can provide you with
copies of docs and some software. I have a bunch of application
software but it's in quad-density format for the Advantage and I
haven't bothered to transfer any of it to the Horizon.

The Horizon is a terrific, solid machine. The first serial port
is for the console and the second port is available for a printer,
etc. Both are easily reconfigured via the USER.ASM code (at least
my Lifeboat CP/M version). Two parallel ports are also available
on the motherboard.

I'm not sure if the Horizon bus is fully IEEE-696 compliant. Tim or

BTW, California Digital ( sells hard-sectored
disks for around $10/box. They also have 8" SSDD floppies (ran
out of double-sided, unfortunately).

Jason Brady Seattle, WA
Received on Wed Feb 25 1998 - 16:02:25 GMT

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