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From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 02:09:31 1998

Charles A. Davis wrote:
> Jason Brady wrote:
> snip
> > BTW, California Digital ( sells hard-sectored
> > disks for around $10/box. They also have 8" SSDD floppies (ran
> > out of double-sided, unfortunately).
> >
> > Regards,
> > Jason Brady Seattle, WA
> Since the difference between single sided, and double sided, is quite
> often just whether or not it was tested and passed the test as double
> sided, buy the SS disks, and try them.
> There was a big discussion of this in the 'hobby' press many years ago.
> What it boiled down to, was that nobody changed the 'stock material'
> that was fed through the 'punch press' for making the floppies. It was
> all a matter of what they needed to ship, as to how the stuff was
> tested.

No, unlike 5.25", you can't just use an 8" single-sided disk as a
double-sided. The sector detect hole is in a different place and a
double-sided drive will treat a single-sided disk as a single-sided
disk. You'd have to punch holes in the case, plus cover up the old
holes -- I'd suggest not using sticky tape.
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