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> That would be great! I did get logged in as "install" but it wouldn't
>let me edit the password file. My address is: Joe Rigdon, 2960 Lowery Dr.,
>Oviedo, Florida, 32765.

Ok, I'll drop a set in the mail.

> BTW is there a way to tell if this is a 7300 or a 3B1, other than the
>markings on the bottom of the case? The markings say this is a 7300 but I
>was told that only the 3B1 has the hump in the case and this one has a
>hump. The front label says it has a 40 Mb hard drive and du verifies that.

The FAQ (I think it is) has some discussion about the distinction between
a 7300 and a 3b1. The upshot is that there isn't much. As you point out
the most obvious distinction is the case plastic directly under the monitor.
All the 7300s I've seen have 1/2 meg on the main board and the only 3b1 I
have has 2 meg. It is my understanding that counterexamples to this
were manufactured, however. You'll also notice that on 3b1s, the power for
the disk drive is cabled directly from the power supply whereas on 7300s
the drive takes power from the main board. Whether or not the power supply
is actuly heftier for a 3b1 has been the subject of some debate. The FAQ
and the hardware notes found on the archive sites discuss this in more

Brian L. Stuart
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