TRS-80 Questions

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Tue Feb 24 09:35:31 1998

On 25 Feb 98 at 18:24, Tony Duell wrote:

> > No, the classroom network system used a straight-through DIN-5 cable
> > from the teacher's machine and up to 16 (longer) ones for the student
> > systems. The classroom network system went through two versions, the
> Sure, the Tandy/Radio Shack one was like that, but I was wondering if
> this adapter was part of some third-party network.
> After all, one of the early Tandy modems would connect to a Model 1
> cassette port using a special cable. An RS232 adapter for the cassette
> port wouldn't be impossible.
> > Ward Griffiths
> -tony
 The etched on labels "telelearning" on the one side and "Total
Communications" on the other, as well as the adapter labelled
"RS232 M/M gender changer" connected to it would seem to support that
supposition. In other words , a kludge of a kludge, since it wouldn't
have needed the gender changer if it was single purpose.

ciao larry
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