Pascal System

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 15:44:00 1998

Mike Allison <> wrote:
> This is the UCSD P System which means that there is no way to copy it to
> the HD as this _IS_ the operating system.

This is the one in the sort of peach-colored IBM binders with
slipcases, right? I had a copy of that a few years back (gave it to
an interested friend back east). While I had it I made some
observations. The manuals didn't mention hard^H^H^H^Hfixed disks at
all. They also seemed to indicate that diskettes held about 160KB
(i.e. no knowledge of double-sided disks). And it didn't want to boot
on anything I had access to except the Panasonic Business Partner in
the QA lab at work -- I'm not sure whether it objected to 80x86s for
x>=2, clock speeds > 4.77 MHz, or what.

-Frank McConnell
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