Parts for sale

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 17:52:28 1998

I have the following items for sale (possible trade)

TRS-80 model 4 - this unit is nearly functional but I'm comsidering
parting it out. It has a great motherboard, power
supply, video section, floppy drives. The keyboard is damaged in that
two keys are broken and it needs the ram changed due to a bad chip. If
someone wants the entire thing they can have it for $15 plus shipping
(42 lbs shipping weight). I'd take 4 1meg parity 30 pin SIMMs for it
plus shipping as well. I want to see if I get any responses on the
entire unit before I decide to split it up.

Commodore 64 (older style, not 64C) - I have a bunch of these units, in
working condition. I'll sell a 1541 drive, C64 and power supply (no
cables) for $20 plus shipping. The entire unit weight is roughly 20 lbs.

Commodore printers - I have various Commodore printers for sale as well.
Drop me a line if interested.

Apple ImageWriter II (color) printer - great condition, with 25 pin to 8
pin cable. $30 plus shipping.

Apple external 5.25" floppy drives - like new set of two. One marked
drive 1 and the other drive 2. Serial cables are attached. $30 for the
set of two plus shipping.

Mac 512k set complete - Original Mac 512k with 400k internal floppy,
software, manuals, color thermal printer. Needs an alignment or
replacement on the floppy drive. Instructions on upgrading the memory to
1mb using stacked DRAMs included. $90 plus shipping for all of it.

Panasonic Sr. Partner 8088 "portable" computer. 512k ram, Two 5.25"
floppies, green composite crt. All original except printer was removed.
Otherwise a great machine. One open 8 bit expansion slot. $50 plus
shipping (approx 25-30 lbs).

Original IBM 5150 PC - original IBM keyboard, original IBM mono monitor.
Terrific condition, floppy based. $50 plus shipping

I also have SLOUGHS of various older parts for PS/2's and other older
machines to include MFM, ESDI, IDE hard disks, half and full height
floppies, option cards, network cards, yada, yada, yada...Drop me a line
if you're looking for something.

While this is a "business" it's actually a formalized part time hobby
for me to pick up a few bucks with a hobby. I keep my prices as
reasonable as possible so that the old "relics" can keep on going, and
going, and going......

 Russ Blakeman
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