Pretty good week

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 21:37:23 1998

Awww! And all I've been able to get this week is a HP-97, HP-9815 with
various interfaces and a HP 9871 printer and a Commodore Pet 2083 with
MODEM, dual disk drive, printer and tractor feed attachment with all the
docs and software.

At 08:16 PM 2/26/98 -0600, you wrote:
>So far the week has been good a few finds are; digital VT240 model VS240-B
>untested; HP Laserjet II has a paper feed problem; Chameleon luggable not
>tested yet; AST Premium 386/33 not tested yet; Tektronix KB pn
>119-1592-02has built mouse pad; Apple IIe mouse;
>variuos books and manuals; a number of different cables; Sun 3/60 not
>tested yet; a large number of parts for apples, digital, pc, trs-80 and
>others. My best find was free card called a SYNPHONIX Electronic Speech
>Articulator model 100 by a company called Artic Technologies with a date
>1985 on it. Does anyone have any more info on this card such as is for a pc
>or apple, any special software needs ? Thanks and keep on computing -->
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