Modern Minimalism (Was: Future Computing Trends)

From: Roger Ivie <>
Date: Fri Feb 27 13:01:42 1998

> Most of the questions ELKS must now answer, as a UNIX clone, have
> been answered in CPM as a stand alone solution. Plus there's a boat
> load of free programs.

Bear in mind that most of the free programs are written in 8080 or
Z80 assembler; they're not going to move to something else readily, if
at all.

> BTW - Roger,
> Where are you at? I'm in Ogden...


> You're not related to Joni are you?

The name doesn't ring a bell. My immediate family is from the Duchesne
area. I have a half-brother living in the Ogden area (Gerry Ivie).

> (Everyone in Utah is related ; - } )

Definitely the case for us bearing the name 'Ivie'. AFAIK, all the 'Ivie's
in the US (including the 'Ivey's; there was some confusion about the spelling
a while ago) are related.

Roger Ivie
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