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Date: Fri Feb 27 21:13:31 1998

At 09:32 PM 2/27/98 GMT, you wrote:
> :Re: where to find them. You guys should be down here in Florida.
> :I find so many that I have to pick and choose. I left behind 4
> :AT&T 3B2s, a NeXt, an AT&T 6300, 2 HP Appollos and 2 HP 9000/300s
> :yesterday. All of that was at a GSA auction at KSC. I did get a
> :COMPLETE Commodeore Pet set and a Vax Station 3100 for Zane.
>ok, so are there any jobs going in florida for cocky ex-pat limeys with
>a neat line in web development and a passion for tiny programs...? :>

   HELL YES! Seagate (as in disk drives) had a hiring fair this weekend.
Lots of software jobs avialable here. Oracle (as in SQL) just moved to
town and is supposed to hire several handred.

>we'll have to start digging around at the computer auctions in this
>country - anyone recommend any firms worth talking to?

   Talk to Tony Duell. He seems to to do awefully well!

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