Walnut Creek CP/M CDROM Discontinued

From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Fri Feb 27 22:14:03 1998

<erm, isn't the walnut creek cd-rom predominantly stocked with the same
<stuff that is on oak? which kind of implies that so long as you aren't
<doing it for profit, it's just another kind of distribution. you
<probably couldn't duplicate the walnut creek packaging without getting
<copyright sorted, but if you just reassemble the content without
<duplicating form (or necessarily even providing any) that shouldn't
<infringe anyone's copyright.

About 95% can be found out on the net at OAK and simtel among others.
I'm sure some even have the CDrom on line. There may be a few peices
that are unique to the cdrom like the viewer/search tools but the rest
are PD or shareware.

As to assembling another there are ways to organize things to make hem
easier to find when they are embedded in compacted collections.

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