Pretty good week

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Sat Feb 28 09:58:50 1998

I run Minix on my 386 (or at least have it installed). In my case,
version 2.0 which seems to be the latest. I don't think it's a good
idea to run it in 128K, though. I use the 386 version, however, so I
wouldn't know. What about Xenix? Also, what is prime time? You aren't
planning to start your own ISP with this, are you?

>Here, take my 10 year old copy of Minix. BTW, is anybody up to speed
>the current state of Minix? I have an itch to run *ix on a 128K 8086
>and it doesn't look like ELKS is ready for prime time.
>-- Doug

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