Wanted stuff (and a donation for schools) (Was: Pretty good week)

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblake_at_bbtel.com>
Date: Sat Feb 28 10:30:40 1998

Hotze wrote:

> I won't be left out either. I don't really want anything uncommon, and,
> even though I would like to be able to get minis, I move frequently and
> don't know about space, etc. until I get there. Anyay, here's my wish list:
> Apple ][ Stuff
> Cards, systems, I'll take it.
> Comodore stuff
> Don't have any, but have heard only good stuff.
> What most would call "worthless PC junk"
> OK, I'm a PC user. They're pretty nice, if you get down to it. I'll take it.
> Classic (non classic) Mac stuff

Have a Mac 512k system complete with manuals, software, printer, mouse, keyboard
for $75 plus shipping. Works great but needs to have the 400k floppy changed as
it's getting a little sloppy. Otherwise it works great and parts are available
for it as easy as for PC's. It's a friends machine and she put over $1500 into
this unit only 8 yrs ago and has been the only owner.

> I'm a PC user, but one that can change. ;-) Anyway, start at (near) the
> bottom, work you way to the top.
> And: A SMALL (less than 100MB would be fine!) IDE HDD, as I really need to
> get that computer back!!! (From my school, pretty nice AMD DX 40, 16MB RAM,
> and no HDD.)

Have a Quantum 80mb 3.5" IDE hard drive for $30 which includes shipping. I'll
include the specs/settings sheet.

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