HP-48SX memory card for sale.

From: KFergason <KFergason_at_aol.com>
Date: Sat Feb 28 12:16:56 1998

Is the HP48 10 years old yet?

A guy at work has a HP-48SX 128K memory card he would like to get rid
of. Is this worth anything? The maker seems to be Corvallis.

And, in the serendipity department, I lucked in to a TI59 with the PC100C
printer at work. Nobody knew what to do with it, and they couldn't get it
to work. "Well, since you are gonna throw it away, let me just take it off
your hands...".

Which brings up the question, are the old TI's hard to find? Anyone collect
them? I have my old 55, 55II, both of which died after a few years. This
59 still works, which makes me think it wasn't used much. I don't know,
just rambling.

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