What is this? XEROX 820

From: Wirehead Prime <wirehead_at_retrocomputing.com>
Date: Sat Feb 28 13:32:25 1998

It's a highly hackable machine used alot by hams in the Days of the
Ancients to talk to packet TNCs and such.

I am currently restoring one that you can see at
http://www.retrocomputing.com. It was hacked into a sturdy galvanized
steel enclosure, has a double density daughter card and dual 8" Shugart
drives. I also have a pile of spare parts as well as ALOT of
documentation and boot disks, although I haven't gotten around to booting
it up and making copies of the boot disks. I do have enough spares to
build a couple more machines if I had drives to connect to them. The
Computer Journal http://www.psyber.com/~tcj (I THINK!) had some
schematics for them in the centerfold back in like 91 or 93 if I recall.

Anthony Clifton - Wirehead

 On Fri, 27 Feb 1998, Joe wrote:

> I found a XEROX 820 in a trift store today. Can anyone tell me what it is?
> It has a base unit with a built in monitor. It has four ports on it. One
> connects to a daul 5 1/4" disks drives in an external box. Another connects
> to a separate keyboard. The other two are for a serial port and printer port.
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