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Date: Sat Feb 28 16:47:33 1998

On 1998-02-27 classiccmp_at_u.washington.edu said to lisard_at_zetnet.co.uk
   :> ah, if we're going to get on to the "what do i wish for?" list...
   :Well, I don't recomend killing me to get your hands on my little
   :collection... And I rarely sell machines.

never dream of it (unless of course, you were to flip and unload your
entire collection into the nearest municipal dump. *then*, you'd be
targeted... but that isn't going to happen ;> ;> )

   :> any system based on the 32xxx (a ceres would be nice, but we doubt
   :> they're available...)
   :More practically, there are still a number of Whitechapel MG1's
   :about. Repairing one is not hard - the main problem is the NiCd
   :battery used for starting it. A Technical manual does exist...

hmm. did the acorn 32016 workstation ever emerge, or did the arch
effectively replace that concept?

   :> a linn rekursiv (wouldn't you? ;> )

   :Ooooh... Now that's a machine I don't have, and would like!

very rare though. linn only ever used them in-house, and god knows if
they are still in use.

   :What about a Zilog 8000 ? It was/is (there's at least one still
   :operational) a Z8000-based unix box. Mine has an SMD disk

didn't know about it. it'd be nice to find one, though. the processor
is more important to us than the box it come in. (except that we would
really love an olivetti, just because they're so ugly they wrap around
into cuteness ;> )

oh, add a sirius one to the list; we forgot it.

   :> a perq

   :Does the fact that you've listed 'perq' about 4 times mean that you
   :want one from each series?

no, it means we want one about 4 times as much as we want anything else.

   :> an original cp/m system or three (hm systems; the minstrel always
   :> appealed)

   :What do you mean by 'original'? If you mean a machine designed to
   :run CP/M, then there must still be some RML 380Z's (very solid UK
   :CP/M machines used in schools) about. Ditto for DEC rainbows,
   :Amstrads (although I don't like those myself), BBC Z80 second
   :processors, Epson QX10's (IMHO one of the nicest CP/M machines ever
   :built), etc.

designed as a cp/m box is about the closest, but what we really meant
was the other definition of original - the one that's a couple of steps
either side of weird.

   :Just out of curiousity, why aren't you looking for the following

   :DEC PDP8, PDP11, Vax, any other PDP's?

we must have deleted the line we were going to put in that said "any pdp
that isn't 8 or 11". not an 8, because we want to write a simulator for
that first; not an 11, because - well, it just strikes us that
everyone's got an 11...

   :AMT DAP (Distributed Array Processor)

how could we program it effectively? we wouldn't refuse one if it came
along, but it isn't something for which we'd actively go looking.

   :Anything transputer-based

what was/is there? did the ATW ever happen?

   :The Xerox D-machines (somewhat PERQ-like in many ways)

rarity, didn't think these ever escaped from xerox. obviously if we were
offered a dolphin or (mmmmm) a dorado we'd jump at it, but why break
your heart because you can't get something that it's impossible to get?

   :Torch XXX, quadX, etc

on the "refuse but not actively chase" list.

   :Tiger. Now there's a strange machine.. A Z80 + 64K RAM, a 6809 + 8K
   :RAM, RS232, parallel, cassette ports, 1200/75 baud modem, 7220
   :graphics chip + 96K RAM, etc, etc, etc. It was going to be sold as
   :a home computer...

didn't know of its existence - more information please...?

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