Computer: A History

From: Kip Crosby <>
Date: Sat Feb 28 17:28:31 1998

At 13:19 2/28/98 -0800, you wrote:
>BTW, [Computer: A History] is a good read. It starts with the requisite
story of
>Babbage and goes into the computers that sprang out of the war effort
>(EDVAC, EDSAC, etc) then goes into the Univac story, launches into the IBM
>story and carries on for several chapters, then starts winding down with
>the microcomputer revolution. Strangely enough they give a couple
>sentences of mention to HP. Some of the information that is presented in
>this book is suspect, and some is plain wrong. A minor annoyance to an
>otherwise decent tome.

It's also riddled with typos, and if anybody knows that, I do. BasicBooks
sent me galleys for comments; I told them the copyediting was horrible, sat
down, spent four or five solid days debugging the book, and e-mailed them
the patches. They acknowledged receipt and thanked me profusely. When I
got my production copy of the book, all but a handful of the typos and
misstatements I had fixed were still there.

Kip Crosby
Computer History Association of California
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