Wanted stuff (Was: Pretty good week)

From: John R. Keys Jr. <jrkeys_at_concentric.net>
Date: Sat Feb 28 18:59:08 1998

yes they have 3.5 fd and built power supply no brick needed. had other
improvesments as well. I got my for $10 at a flea market in St. louis when
I was there on vacation last year.
At 12:02 AM 3/1/98 GMT, you wrote:
>On 1998-02-28 classiccmp_at_u.washington.edu said to lisard_at_zetnet.co.uk
> :apple //gs and a //c+ to complete my apple ][ collection,
>mmm, a //gs... yes please here also. the thought of a 16-bit 6502 to
>play with... :> (yep, even though we have a special affection for the
>much maligned 286.)
>as for a //c+ - were they the ones with the 3.5" disk instead of the
>5.25"? we saw them in the states, one of the times we went over there
>(arizona - little hack shop in tucson that had all kinds of old hardware
>for frankly, silly prices; lots of pcjrs, which we'd also like one of,
>since they never made it over here) and thought they were cute, but we
>don't believe they ever crossed the atlantic. was the disk drive the
>only difference, or were there others & what were they if so?
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